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The 50 FAQs About Podiatry – Helpful, Whether You’re A “Rank Beginner Or A Seasoned Pro!”

How We Treat

Between us we have over 50 years of treatment experience of treating foot and lower limb issues.
All of our podiatrists are university degree qualified and are registered with either the Irish or UK Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists.

We use evidence based practice and current best practice to treat all foot and lower limb musculo skeletal problems.

All our podiatrists attend regular internal and external continuing professional development training (CPD) to keep up to date.

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 The 50 FAQs About Podiatry – Helpful, Whether You’re A “Rank Beginner Or A Seasoned Pro!”

The 50 FAQs About Podiatry!

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Jennifer, Mid 60s

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