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Podiatry In The Media

Justin Blake has been regularly featured in the national media as an expert in health and podiatry:

RTE Afternoon Show If the Shoe Fits Killer Heels and Flat Pumps

Justin Blake – Podiatrist
Podiatrist Justin Blake is here to tell us what damage we are doing to our bodies in flat shoes and high heels.

Justin graduated from the London Foot Hospital and School of Podiatric Medicine in 1992. He worked in London which allowed him to concentrate on his specialist areas of biomechanics, gait analysis and musculoskeletal podiatry.

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Sports Injury Doctor Sports Podiatry Entering A New Phase

Sports podiatry
Sports podiatry is entering a new phase. Here’s a step-by-step analysis of the fresh approach

Traditionally the role of the podiatrist in sports medicine has been to prescribe corrective orthotics, which are inserts for the athlete’s shoes to control the motion of the foot. A common example is an orthotic which angles the rearfoot outwards (inverts the heelbone) to control any excess pronation movement during walking and running.
Rearfoot motion problems, particularly over-pronation, have been linked with many common injuries such as Achilles tendinitis, plantar fasciitis and anterior knee pain.

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Why We Never Get Tired Of Our Converse Irish Independent

After selling more than 1 billion pairs worldwide, becoming one of the bestselling shoes of all time, and cementing itself as one of the most iconic brands to grace the world’s feet, it’s safe to say Converse Chuck Taylors are among the most iconic shoes ever made.

But have they ever actually been comfortable? Many Chuck lovers would say a resounding ‘no’. And podiatrists and physiotherapists go a step further to say our favourite shoes are actually damaging our feet beyond repair.

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Ballerina Pumps Should Come With A Health Warning Irish Independent

THEY are the must-have shoe for teenage girls, the ultimate in summer style. But the trend for cute ballerina pumps – made fashionable by celebrities like Kate Moss and Sienna Miller – can lead to long-term, serious damage, according to chiropodists.
They say the flimsy footwear can cause such disorders as fallen arches, heel spur, hammertoe, corns and calluses.

Barely-there ballerina pumps are often worn a size too small to hold them to the foot, a habit that can result in deformed feet. Another way of keeping them on is by “clawing up” the foot to stop them slipping off, which strains muscles on the back of the leg and on to the knee.

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