“We help runners with natural treatment avoid injuries and continue their training – 95% of our patients never need orthotics or insoles.”

Running Injuries

The most common Running Injuries that we see are shin splints, knee pain, achilles tendonitis, ankle sprains, plantar fasciaitis or heel pain, but there are many others.

Sports Podiatry deals with two main areas:

Foot and lower limb biomechanical overuse injuries

Biomechanical improvement to minimise injury and improve mechanical efficiency.

As podiatrists we’re trained to assess your biomechanics and to identify potential problems to reduce the risk of future injury.
We will assess you using visual and hands on examination and testing.

Assessment will show us if your leg and foot alignment is within normal limits for your particular sport.

Overuse Injuries

If you have recurrent problems with you feet or legs it can be caused by a biomechanical imbalance.

We can determine the site of this imbalance and treat to relieve pain and prevent further injury.

Treatment may include mobilisation, exercises and orthotics to restore normal lower limb mechanics.

Bring along your normal training kit, trainers, orthotics or insoles if you have them and anything else you feel may be relevant.

If you would like more information about treating lower limb sports injuries then call or email to arrange an assessment appointment.

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